Friday, August 23, 2013

Incredipede Review

Incredipede is a game devoted to showing players just how much you can do with a couple limbs and muscles. You take on the role of an insect determined to find others of his kind. Throughout the game, you travel through level after level gathering fruit, feathered headdresses and assorted other items. You control the various limbs of the insectoid protagonist by moving his joints. Most of his limbs are connected to a muscle or two, therefore making a sort of a focal point around which you can move an arm. These arms are connected to the body of the Incredipede, which you must move to the yellow finish line at the end of each level. Although the controls are relatively hard to get the hang of, once you understand them it is really fun. As you progress through the game, you see many different shapes and sizes of the Incredipede, with connected limbs or makeshift wings. However, if you delve into Hard mode, you can cobble together your own Incredipede to overcome each level. Without a good understanding of the physics of the game, Hard mode can be pretty... hard.

Gameplay aside, Incredipede boasts an attractive tribal-sounding soundtrack. The graphics are beautiful and breathtaking, reminding me of Ivy the Kiwi or Braid. The difficult controls can be mastered if you sit down and tinker in Sandbox mode. In this mode you can create whatever kind of Incredipede you want to. You can make a one-legged inchworm, a spider, or even one of these (I haven't given it a name yet).

All told, Incredipede is a really great game. It had been sitting in my wishlist for a while, so you can imagine my surprise when I finally downloaded it and discovered just how much beautiful content it had. 


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