Friday, August 23, 2013

Home Review

Home caught my eye when it was on sale on Steam in the Horror/Indie games list about a year ago, so I did what any sensible person would do; I bought it, played it for half an hour and then left it to be uninstalled and then eventually rediscovered. Now that I've played it some more, I have come to the decision that Home would work better as a book than a video game. The gameplay is bland and nothing really ever happens. That being said, the story (you wake up in a strange house, and have to find your way back home) was thought-provoking and enjoyable. As you scroll through screens of text at certain points throughout the game, you discover clues as to where you have been taken and why. I wouldn't necessarily dub Home a "horror" game, but its ambiance has its own sort of creepy vibe to it. It's 8-bit style would normally make me think of it as another bandwagon "retro-esque" game, but the combination of its blocky graphics and its Slender-like music was surprisingly appealing. Its choose-your-own-adventure gameplay style makes for moderate replay value, but you will exhaust its content within about 2 hours. Nevertheless, Home entertained me while it lasted.


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