Thursday, February 21, 2013


Despite its unorthodox name, I had been looking forward to playing VVVVVV for a long time before I actually found it on Steam. I had read of its indie-game style, its throwback graphics and its soul-crushingly difficult levels. But until I tried it just last week, I had no idea that this game would be a cult hit for the ages.

Those of you who are fans of the ever-growing indie game franchise may have seen this game mentioned on Twitter, or maybe you just saw it in Steam's budget list. Even though it's only $5, it packs quite a punch. And if you are a real penny-pincher and like to try before you buy, never fear. A free demo of the game is at your disposal on Steam.

VVVVVV has a very solid, sweet story.The premise is that you are a spaceship pilot trapped in an alternate dimension. You have to find your lost shipmates throughout the vast, Metroid-esque world. Along the way you find trinkets, which are normally hidden behind a wave of extremely difficult obstacles. Collect all 20, and you unlock a little surprise.

The difficulty of the levels is what makes it stand out among the other indie games. It does an amazing job of reproducing the classic NES difficulty level, what with its spikes, bouncing stop signs, flying words, and spikes. Did I mention the spikes?

The soundtrack is arguably the best part about the game, and quite possibly one of the best chiptune masterpieces of all time. Created by Swedish composer Magnus Palsson, (aka SoulEye), it is truly an 8-bit gem. The songs are so inspiring, it makes you want to play the game just to listen to the music. Which I do. It's just that good.

Although the main storyline is relatively short (about 3 hours), this game implements the beauty of user-designed levels. On the list you will find plenty of worlds created by people like us, including SoulEye and even Notch (the producer of Minecraft).

VVVVVV is fantastic all around. From its pixelated graphics to its reminiscient music, it will sate the hunger of any gamer, indie or not.


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